Friday, July 31, 2009

The Cheddar Curtain

This week I had my first foray across the state line with my rep kits. I had two appointments up in Milwaukee. Being unfamiliar with Milwaukee I sought out a native guide. Lucky for me, my college buddy Katy stepped up.

Her best friend lives 1/2 mile from my first appointment and her parents live down the block from my second appointment. So along with hitting a couple of sales calls, I got a first class tour of Milwaukee.

While I always miss the sign that says "Welcome to Wisconsin", I never miss this one. I think it's better anyways.
We also bought some Appleby's Gas. And you thought Applebees only did mozzerella sticks and burgers!

We passed Miller Stadium, home of the Brewers.
And here's Katy and her parents after we has a delicious dinner. Katy's mom had her very first Falafel!

When in Milwaukee I visited the Knitting Knook, a charming shop in a converted house. Her selection was beautiful and very high end. They will be expanding soon to gain some much needed space!

I also visited Fiberwood Studio, the first shop I've been to that had actual looms set up in the store. This shop is a fantastic destination for any weaver or multi-fiber arts interested crafter. This shop had a clear and unabashed natural color aesthetic that I just loved.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dear Long Grove,

Dear Long Grove,
I have been so close to you for so long, and yet, I had no idea. I drove in, fumbling with my notes and map and other assorted detritus of travel, turned an unassuming corner and was stunned. Quaint shop after general store after art gallery after artisan candy shop... oh I could go on. Well done Long Grove. You are lovely.
Much Admiration,

I visited I'd Rather Be Knitting in Long Grove this afternoon. A large, charming shop with an eye on fashion forward knits.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Bunday (mon)day

Bunny Kisses!

Friday, July 24, 2009


My sales calls have been going pretty well. I am already making more money than I was working at "That Certain Ubiquitous Corporate Coffee Retailer". I am trying to get up the guts to make my first venture out of Chicago-land next week. Minneapolis, perhaps? Madison?

I have been trying to take photos in and around the shops I visit. I really need to get someone to drive so I can take photos along the way....

On the home front I have also found a renter for my condo. She already lives in my building so I am rather jealous of how easy her move will be (no truck, no moving fee, no weather concerns...) Next month I will be moving up the Highland Park to live with my grandmother. She is rather lonely living in the house alone since Grandpa passed. I loath the idea of paying through the nose for rent on a place that I won't be spending much time in. This way my bunnies will be cared for while I'm away and won't need to be shuttled around. Also, I will be closer to the rest of my family and my Special Someone. So, as un-glamourous as being 23 and moving in with Grandma may sound, it is the right thing for me to do right now. In the mean time, I still need to move. UGH.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

(late) Sunday Bunday

These buns are just Coo-Coo for Choco-Puffs! Well, not choco-puffs, raisins. Please don't give them choco-puffs.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The red suitcase brigade!

I have been out on my first sales calls this week with the Red Suitcase Brigade.

First appointment was out in Barrington with Gene Ann's Yarns. It was a lovely shop, absolutely packed floor to ceiling with yarn! Despite my nerves and confusion, Miss Gene Ann ordered quite a bit of yarn and had lots of very helpful feedback for me. She will soon have almost a full color selection of AMaizing yarn, perfect for baby garments or any other project that demands machine washability, durability and non-irritating fibers.

When I got back from Barrington I had yet 2 more LARGE boxes waiting for me. When I opened them I was stunned by the lovely collection of garments Southwest sent me for my marketing event. I will be holding fashion shows at stores all over IL, WI and MN. Stay tuned for exact dates and locations!

I brought the collection to my home store, Sister Arts Studio in Lincoln Park and showed the owner, Donna and we began planning a fashion show and party for October. It's going to be a blast!

I also had a lovely appointment with the ladies of Loopy Yarns, who were kind enough to meet with me and help me practice my pitch with them.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Rep Kit Received Cont'd

So, after a little head scratching and coffee drinking and label making and other some-such I managed to corral the SWTC kit into looking like this:

It's a yarn party in a suitcase! Color rings neatly labeled and clipped to the top of the suit case and put-ups and kits in the body of the suitcase in corresponding order. Books in the outer pocket. And (drumroll please).....It all closes neatly!

Then I began calling around and leaving lots and lots of voicemails to make appts.

I went to wash my car and check the mail and low and behold, another rep kit! This one from Bijou Basin Yak fiber (talk about luxury!!). This kit was apparently packed by Martha Stewart or those container store people because check it out:

Seriously. I did not do that. All I did was open the box, take off the lids and point a camera at them. No joke. So gorgeous!

Anyways, I'm taking this show on the road tomorrow for the first time so Stay Tuned!

Rep Kit Received!

So My Southwest Trading Company rep kit just arrived.
Oh My Goodness. I just picked it up from the receiving room, opened it and started to make sense of it all. Then I realized I needed a blog break. Woah, so scary....

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bunday Sunday

Here are my girls proving one of the eternal laws of gift-giving. Buy them a big fancy expensive toy and they play with the box. We got the Aerogarden Herb kit for my birthday this spring and have been enjoying loads and loads of fresh herbs. I highly recommend these to anyone, really anyone. The buns, however, can't get enough of the box.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Moving and Shakin

The gears are turning on getting my new career underway! My rep kit from Southwest Trading Co is on its way. My Etsy shop is live and stocked with my new sock stitch markers (Go check it out, I'll wait). I had a lovely phone interview with a gentleman from Lantern Moon this morning so hopefully I'll be bringing their products on the road with me, too. 

I received my account list from Southwest yesterday and have started the arduous process of inputting all  the stores (300+!) into a GoogleMap. What did people do before google? I'm putting them all on an interactive map so everybody can follow my travels through the blog!