Monday, February 12, 2007

Chilly Chilly

I'm going to start this off by saying that there is something seriously wrong when I look at my online forecast for the weekend and think to myself "Oh wow! 16 degrees above zero? It's like spring break! I wonder if any of my spring clothes are here!?" In all seriousness, that thought genuinely crossed my mind. It was glorious until the moment that I realized that 16 is still quite cold indeed. Mind you, the weather feels MUCH colder when you walk absolutely everywhere, as I do.

I did knit the Calorimetry pattern from this winter's Knitty, which I must say I enjoyed very much. I knit one and was finished within a day so I started another one out of a thicker yarn the next day. They knit up very quickly, is a wonderful way to use up just about any odd balls of yarn or buttons, look very cute on, and really do keep your ears warm. I highly reccomend them both for yourself, the knitter, or as a gift, especially to any young ladies in your life (good thing my sisters don't read this, they be getting some soon).

I've also been working fevereshly on my Bear Claw quilt from InterweaveKnits Fall 2005. I find it is the perfect pattern for my semester, it knits up in small squares which are very portable so I can carry it everywhere, the small mitre squares are very quick so I can feel like I can accomplish something with even the shortest bits of time, and it is repetetive to all get out. I don't have to carry the pattern with me at all. I figure if I get at least one square done a month I will be done by Christmas. Most months I can expect to get more than one square done. I've amped up the size from a baby blanket to an adult afghan. It is very satisfying to see each square come together.
I'd like to extend a warm, yarn-y welcome to my classmates who are visiting me here at the Knest for the first time. I want to scream to the world just how much I am enjoying my Art Ed classmates. To my thrill and joy, all the girls knit. Mind you, there are only 4 of us (and Bill, but he'll come around). I have never really known any other serious knitters who are my own age. We get to obssess over eachother's knitting achievements (like Katie's first sweater last Thursday, so gorgeous and so WAY better than any first sweater I've ever seen!) and covet stash and pow-wow on patterns. Oh, it's fantastic!