Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Blogger Gone Bad

Ok. I suck. Like I am the worst blogger ever. I dropped off the face of the earth for an entire 6 months. No real explaination. My grandmother passed away in March and my world got warped and while my family and I have pretty much gotten back to normal, I simply stopped blogging (and checking e-mail, and a lot of things) and didn't get back to it until just now. The upshot of the last 6 months is I've been working 14 hours a day 6 days a week at a restaurant in LB as a Swiss Army Knife (I bartend, then I hostess, then I work the coffee bar then I'm a line cook, then I run food, then I take a few tables, then I answer the phones, then I get back behind the bar...). So, why all the hard work? Well.. I bought a condo. A beautiful, super fabulous little slice of heaven that of course needs to be paid for. My parents are my co-owners and they take the lion's share of the costs but I am working like hell to pay my own way.
So, when I'm not working or rehabbing my condo I have in fact been knitting. My primary project at this point is actually a tandem prayer shawl/scarf for my other grandparents (you know, the ones who aren't dead) because the same week my grandmother died my grandfather on the other side was diagnosed with bone cancer. While he is doing shockingly well for an 85 year old chemo patient, he and my grandmother can use all the love and support they can get. I am knitting a mitred square shawl for her with Koigu and a semi-matching scarf for him with Dream In Color's Smooshy. They are coming along splendidly.
So... In closing, I am back and with a re-newed resolve to keep posting.
P.S. Pictures of both knitting projects and my new home will be up as soon as I can get ahold of a digital camera (mine is just a paperweight right now)