Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sights From The Road

It's been a slow week here at The Knest.  I've been doing a lot of cold-calling which means I've actually been doing a lot of message-leaving. That's not really anything to blog about. So, instead of letting the blog languish away, or worse, posting comprehensive list of voicemails I have left, I put together a "director's cut" of road photos if you will. These are photos of things I have seen while on the road. I think they are quirky and fun, but did not fit with other posts.

In Madison, WI

Rural Route in Wisconsin

My trusty steed, Lola, hanging out in
Eau Claire, WI

The View from my hotel window in
Waupaca, WI

Spotted a block away from the Waupaca Arts
Center. Too Cool!

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